Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Graveyard! of dead projects...

This was supposed to be an open world exploration RPG in a toon/pixel style, but this project is just too huge for me. Just like in Zelda: The Wind Waker, you were supposed to explore the ocean and the dungeons on the islands. This project is almost dead. is painful to leave all these 3D models wandering on my folder, but well, that's the cost for not planing the project.

This game is(was, because I think it's dead) a wilderness survival combined with a random maze generator, in fact this game was going to be called "Bamboo Dungeons", because the maps is in a bamboo maze, you can get sick, hungry and thirsty, and die after. The game features day and night cycle, crafting system and many other stuff.

A shooter! in a gloomy color style like "Into The Gloom", it was planned to be just a plain shooter with head shots and excessive blood and gore. The game was not finished because I just lost the interest in it, is just a plain shooter, but making it was a very funny experience. The game lacks a menu, music, and.. a point? the game itself is pointless.

Another pixel Dungeon Crawler! I got inspired by Delver! , yes well this game was going to be like the common rogue-like were you start, run, loot, kill and die on X floor. It was random generated and with a robust skill and inventory system. The game failed because I couldn't implement an efficient Pathfinding AI, you see, there are many problems with that, since the map is random, no thing like pre-calculated paths can be done, I can only mix a pre-calculated path for each room segment, and then join them with dynamic pathfinding during runtime, it's possible to implement that, the problem is that I just got bored of the project. I was trying to implement a A*Pathfinding efficient algorithm, then I just wrote down code without planning possible changes, and the code got very messy! so I just abandoned it :P.

This is a random generation test I made for another random maze game, the point with this was generating an "any size" maze, with 100% solution chance! (At my beginnings as dummy programmer, I made a lot of buggy and unstable generation codes), this featured not only corridors, but rooms with locked doors and variable sizes, also the map was divided like in 2 styles, you know, monotony can make a game boring.
This was not really a game, but a practice, so this is not WIP or DEAD, it just exists.

This was an attempt on doing AAA XD, this was one of the first games I started to make on Unity with enough planning in order to finish it. This was going to be a survival horror game, and it took me about 3 months to make all the maps (actually are just a bunch of small rooms in a a tiny school). The problem was that I used trial software, I make the models with 3DS max, and the textures with Photoshop and my rudimentary household camera. These programs are just amazing, you can make things in no time! as quick as the wind. Jumping from 3DS max to blender was hard! I had to learn almost everything in order to use Blender, the interface, controls and tools are different. Also the same with Photoshop to GIMP. But I didn't have the cash to buy the licenses, so I just abandoned the project and felt really sad for a long time, not only for the project, but by the economical reality we(the common Venezuelan guy) are living at this moment, the USD restriction makes us reaching our goals twice as hard.
Beside that my lack of knowledge regarding AI/Pathfinding at that moment made impossible to program the enemies.